2021 - 2023 
UX/UI Designer (Branding, Design system, UX patterns, Userflows, Training, Guidance)
My role
In my role as UX/UI Designer at RTL, I had various responsibilities, including executing a complete redesign, training junior designers, and integrating different RTL products such as RTL Nieuws, RTL Boulevard, and RTL Programma's. Additionally, I conducted user research and developed a complete design system.
My tasks​​​​​​​
My main tasks included conducting user research, collaborating with stakeholders and Product Owners to determine the user journey of different target audiences. Additionally, I designed all components, established the complete design system, and clearly communicated all details to iOS, Android, and web developers. We operated according to the scrum method, and I also paid significant attention to WCAG, given that RTL News has a large user group with disabilities.
The assignments
RTL needed to align its digital platforms and TV channels more closely with the overall branding of the RTL Group. This necessitated a complete overhaul of the branding for its apps and websites to ensure consistency in the look and feel across all digital properties. By adopting a new branding strategy, RTL aimed to strengthen its brand identity and create a cohesive experience for users interacting with its various online platforms. This initiative involved reimagining visual elements such as color schemes, typography, imagery, and overall design aesthetics to reflect the values and image of the RTL Group. The goal was to create a unified digital presence that reinforced RTL's position as a leading media company while enhancing brand recognition and user engagement across its digital ecosystem.
Design system​​​​​​​
RTL needed a design system to ensure consistency and efficiency across its diverse digital platforms like RTL News, RTL Boulevard, and RTL Programs. This system streamlined design processes, maintained brand coherence, and facilitated scalability, enabling RTL to adapt to evolving user needs more effectively while enhancing overall user experience.
Product design
Post the COVID-19 pandemic, users grew weary of news consumption, posing a challenge for the entire news media industry. User research revealed a preference for lighter and more digestible news, with a desire for increased entertainment. Coupled with cost efficiency, as three separate apps are more expensive than one, we decided to consolidate into a single app for both iOS and Android. Due to the large number of unique users of the RTL News App (approximately 1 million), we opted to update this app to the new version and migrate users of the RTL Boulevard and RTL apps to the new app.
Native App
Responsive Web

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