2020 - 2021 
UI Lead (Branding, Design system, Campaigns, Designing, Guidance and Inspiring)
My role
UI Designer
Initially, I contributed to the SWAT team, a dynamic and versatile group tackling diverse ad hoc projects requiring a strong UX/UI perspective. Under tight deadlines and with numerous stakeholders, we swiftly developed the initial versions of critical components such as the Test Drive flow, Media environment, Careers, About, and Legal sections within the .com ecosystem.

Lead designer
As of January 2020, I stepped into the role of Visual Design Lead, aiding multidisciplinary teams in maximizing project outcomes and providing art-direction. Additionally, I undertook the task of enhancing the design system and implementing a template structure for .com pages.

My tasks
My responsibilities included laying the groundwork for Polestar.com and its subsequent iterations. I provided guidance to campaign teams, ensuring a user-friendly journey with pixelperfect designs. Collaborating closely with the UX lead, we ensured that all projects met the standards of brand values, usability, and art-direction before presenting them to clients.

Polestar case video made by Code d'Azur. 

Choosing the right tool
In my role as Lead Designer, I carefully selected Figma as our design tool of choice. My reputation as an "early adopter" played a significant role in this decision. I took the lead in guiding teams through the implementation and optimization of the design system. This choice of Figma not only provided us with an advanced set of design capabilities but also enabled us to collaborate more efficiently and seamlessly transition from design to development. With my experience and expertise in using Figma, I ensured that the entire team could quickly adapt to this new platform and make the most out of it. This resulted in an improved workflow and higher quality of our end product.
Design System
Establishing the foundation and subsequently guiding the Design System team to ensure alignment with the art direction was a key aspect of our work.
Our impact on Polestar was significant. We provided them with an extensive array of customizable elements, meticulously arranged in a virtual warehouse. This effort led to the development of a comprehensive global design system, drastically reducing the time and costs involved in introducing new web features.
The design system we crafted became a cornerstone of Polestar's success story, guaranteeing a cohesive and engaging brand experience that has stood the test of time, maintaining its relevance from inception to the present day.
Create the landscape
Throwing out the roadmap of “what’s been done before”, together with Polestar we created a whole new digital landscape from scratch.
We designed and launched Polestar.com, the singular sales, brand and information channel within 6 months, making pushy dealerships, cringey salesmen and loud commercials a thing of the past.
Hit the road, take on the world
Next, we hit the road by launching local pages in 9 critical markets. Then we put the customer in the driver’s seat with a universe of personalized experiences at their fingertips. 
Every touchpoint in Polestar’s fully integrated ecosystem is designed to serve the customer’s aesthetics and aspirations, feeding their appetite for design and their thirst for a sustainable future.
We continuously craft new pages and optimize existing ones, using SEA strategy, data and insights as the backbone of a tireless content engine that covers the entire customer ecosystem. All of this is driven by our shared commitment to a seamless, distinctive brand experience.
As a result, 29.000 cars were sold on Polestar.com in 2021.
Challenge accepted, target met.

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