As a UX/UI designer, I love to create frictionless and memorable user experiences that elevate brands. With a work history rooted in brand and marketing, I’m passionate about pushing products to the next level through a design process that includes data-backed user research, rapid iteration, and visually stunning user-focused UI.
Drawing from years of experience as a designer and art director, I possess a keen understanding of the obstacles that impede creative solutions from meeting business goals. I firmly believe that infusing a users first approach into creative endeavors can bridge the gaps, resulting in work that is not only efficiënt and aesthetically pleasing but also enriches users interactions. 

If you'd like to know more or have a project you'd like to discuss, don't hesitate to reach out: or +31(0)6-53150991
Other passions
In my spare time, I indulge in LEGO building and home improvement projects, which complement my extensive UX/UI design experience. These hobbies sharpen my creativity, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills, drawing parallels between the meticulous planning required in both realms.
LEGO building has long been a passion, fostering my imagination and refining my ability to tackle complex designs. Like crafting user interfaces, each LEGO creation demands careful consideration of user experience, even on a smaller scale.
Similarly, delving into home improvement projects has taught me valuable lessons in spatial design and usability. Whether optimizing room layouts or selecting materials, I apply user-centered design principles honed in my UX/UI work.
These experiences converge to enrich my creative process and inform my problem-solving approach, driving innovation across all facets of my work.
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